Raelene’s Gone Potty

Raelene’s rage of ‘potty plants’ brings the humble plant pot to ‘life’ with her unusual take on a range of quirky characters that include bugs, bees, birds, cows and a couple of genius designs that are right out of ‘left field’.

Raelene's Gone Potty 1

If you’re looking for an affordable, one-off gift, they don’t get more original!

Raelene's Gone Potty 2

Animals not your ‘cup of tea’ try these exquisitely colourful ‘Cups of Joy’. The combination of beautiful floral arrangements cascading out of cups, mugs and jugs, defying gravity, will make a stunning adornment to any sideboard or dining table.

Raelene's Gone Potty 3

From your favourite footy team to custom-designed one-off commissions, Raelene’s potty ideas will bring a smile to someone special.

Raelene's Gone Potty 4

Raelene's Gone Potty 5 Raelene's Gone Potty 6