It’s official “MONDAY is the new SUNDAY!”

Being in business, especially a retail fast food outlet like ours, can be a real balancing act as you to try to achieve a’ work’ (delivering a consistently great service that keeps our customers satisfied) versus ‘life’ balance (for ‘life’ read: ‘time to sleep, recharge and stay connected with family and friends’).

At All Aboard we are a small team that strives to deliver big results. Maintaining the highest standards in the food and level of service we deliver to our customers can be very demanding, and draining so, for the moment, ”Monday is now the NEW Sunday” as in ‘our day of rest’!

We will now be closed of a Monday to recharge and spend a little more quality family time together. But don’t worry, we’ll more than make up for it on the other six days of the week when we will be flat out providing you with Perth’s best fish ‘n chips and most comprehensive fast food  and catering options around!

It's official "MONDAY is the new SUNDAY!" 1


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