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All Aboard Seafoods is a local, family-owned business. We are passionate about food and there is always something new and exciting to try in-store. From new products, promotions to sharing food ideas & fishy facts.

August 13

Planning your next event – top 10 tips for a successful function

  Many people panic at the thought of having to plan a function. There are often a lot of elements that  need to be considered and we can quite often feel a little intimidated about understand quotes and what inclusions mean so here are my top 10 tips for planning a successful function or event:

July 13

Recipes for Small Chefs: Seafood Edition

Recipes for Small Chefs: Seafood Edition has some fantastic recipes to get your kids passionate about cooking. There are all sorts of terrific recipes for your family to try out. We thought that we would share the recipe for something that is a firm favourite with most children – fish fingers.

July 13

History of fish & chips

  Many of us, particularly in Australia with our strong ties to England, tend to imagine that fish and chips originated in the UK but the truth is, the history of fish and chips in much more interesting. Here are just a few fishy facts for you to ponder:

November 12

From a family of foodies

The Saccoccia family that own and run All Aboard Seafoods have a long history with food. Rino Saccoccia is co-owner with his parents, Raelene & Joe, and their love of food is deeply seeded in their Italian roots.  

October 12

Getting the good oil in your fish and chips!

  Here at All Aboard Seafoods we are extremely proud of our fish and chips. We believe our fish and chips are so fantastic because everything that goes in to them is the highest quality. One of the keys to this is the oil we use. We are the only fish and chip shop in the Perth metro area using Crisco Sunola Oil.

June 10

Someone say Oysters?!?

Captn Snappy's at it again. Look what's new on the menu - succulent, juicy oysters coated in a crispy bread crumbs. Available in a serve of 6 for $7.90

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